Some swear that Pedialyte, the liquid electrolyte beverage meant to rehydrate sick kids, is the ticket to curing a hangover. And why not, contemplating the drink accommodates extra sodium and fewer sugar than the main sports activities beverage. Even the model itself has realized that buyers are utilizing it for hangover aid: Pedialyte has began to market itself to adults for this actual profit, utilizing the hashtag #NotJustForBabies on social media.

This sounds likes an actual win for anybody who’s had just a few too many, however is Pedialyte actually the last word pal when alcohol has turned to complete foe-mode?

The brief reply: No. The one actual remedy for a hangover is time, says Jing Liang MD, PhD, a professor at USC Faculty of Pharmacy.

The longer reply: It’s potential Pedialyte may assist quell a hangover sooner than different so-called panaceas available on the market, Dr. Liang says, however you shouldn’t depend on the beverage to enhance the implications of an excessive amount of alcohol. “Restoration from a hangover is often only a matter of time,” she says. “Most hangovers are gone inside 24 hours.”

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Pedialyte helps remedy dehydration—however regardless of widespread perception, dehydration is just one offender behind your raging hangover headache and queasy abdomen. When the liver processes alcohol, it breaks it down into acetaldehyde, “which is taken into account poisonous to the physique,” Dr. Liang explains.

Acetaldehyde is additional metabolized into acetate, which finally leaves the physique, however the extra alcohol you eat, the tougher your system has to work to show poisonous acetaldehyde into acetate. Earlier than it's damaged down into acetate, acetaldehyde may cause nausea, speedy coronary heart price, and a flushed face in some drinkers, in line with the Nationwide Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. “These chemical substances can finally impair the liver and trigger cirrhosis,” Dr. Liang provides.

Nonetheless, it will possibly’t harm to no less than handle that dehydration. And, seems, consuming Pedialyte may very well assist.

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When to drink Pedialyte to get essentially the most advantages

Timing is all the things. On the subject of Pedialyte, the drink may be extra useful if consumed earlier than you go to mattress, in line with Jason Burke, MD, founder and president of Hangover Heaven. Whereas that’s a prescription that may be arduous to observe for those who’ve already had an excessive amount of to drink, rehydrating earlier than sleep will reduce your probabilities of waking up dehydrated.

If you happen to’re selecting between Pedialyte or one other electrolyte-infused beverage like Gatorade, Dr. Burke says to go along with the previous. “I like Pedialyte higher than Gatorade, because it has extra electrolytes and fewer sugar,” he says. Vitamin-wise, a 12-ounce serving of Pedialyte has 370 milligrams of sodium, 280 milligrams of potassium, 9 grams of sugar, and 35 energy. The identical measurement serving of Gatorade accommodates 160 milligrams of sodium, 45 milligrams of potassium, 21 grams of sugar, and 80 energy.

After all, the last word hangover remedy is abstaining from alcohol completely. It’s actually the one method to stop the dreadful unintended effects of booze. If you happen to do plan on imbibing, nevertheless, Dr. Burke says clear or lighter-colored alcohols are much less more likely to make you hungover. (They’ve fewer chemical substances referred to as congeners than darker-hued drinks. These chemical substances are made in the course of the fermenting course of and may contribute to or worsen a hangover, in line with the Mayo Clinic.) Aspirin or ibuprofen and a nap can’t harm both.

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