One teenager in Houston, Texas, stated a weightlifting session gone incorrect led to his hospitalization. Final Thursday, 17-year-old Jared Shamburger talked to ABC affiliate KTRK about how he felt “tremendous duper sore” after a 90-minute strength-training exercise at the gymnasium.

“Every thing harm,” he stated. “It harm to the contact. It was swollen.”

After a name to his physician, Shamburger was hospitalized for 5 days with rhabdomyolysis, or rhabdo, a situation during which muscle tissue breaks down so severely that the contents of the muscle fibers leak into the bloodstream and trigger a kidney blockage. Unchecked, it may well result in kidney injury and even loss of life.

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Whereas Shamburger is anticipated to make a full restoration, this alarming situation is one thing we’ve seen earlier than. In January 2017, a College of Oregon soccer participant was additionally hospitalized with rhabdomyolysis after enduring a troublesome “navy” model exercise. Vijay Jotwani, MD, a main sports activities drugs doctor at Houston Methodist, defined how rhabdomyolysis occurs.

“It’s a product of pushing properly previous your limits,” he instructed Well being in a earlier interview. “You’re working arduous, feeling the burn and go that subsequent step—and one other step, pushing far previous the purpose of ache. Later you have got excessive muscle ache and swelling—a lot worse than delayed muscle soreness. You may additionally have darkish coloured urine. That’s as a result of the [protein] myoglobin out of your muscle tissues has flooded in your bloodstream and your kidneys are overwhelmed.”

Rhabdomyolysis is just not a typical analysis, however it’s identified to have an effect on those that do grueling exercises, corresponding to the sort military recruits or CrossFit devotees participate in. For those who push your self arduous throughout intense exercises, pay attention to the signs and how one can keep away from rhabdomyolysis. A part of rhabdo-related kidney injury is brought on by dehydration, so staying hydrated is essential. And in the event you develop extreme muscle ache, swelling, stiffness and/or darkish coloured urine, go to the hospital.

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Shamburger’s mom Judy stated the “mama bear” in her kicked in when her son defined his situation. "If he hadn't caught it, if he hadn't instructed me, if we had simply gone out of city about our approach, I can't even think about,” she instructed KTRK. “And I don't wish to, about what may have occurred."

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