With simply three remaining in the US, iron lungs are practically out of date — however Mona Randolph, a polio survivor, depends on one of many 700-lb. units to maintain her alive.

The 82-year-old Randolph has used the system on and off since being identified with polio in 1956. She was 20 years outdated on the time, and medical doctors thought she was too outdated for the vaccine that had been invented only one yr earlier.

She’d gone to the hospital in Kansas Metropolis with an enormous headache, a fever and problem respiration, and medical doctors instantly put Randolph in an iron lung.

“They occurred to have one within the basement as a result of individuals weren’t utilizing them a lot then,” she informed The Kansas Metropolis Star.

Randolph survived the polio virus, however her left arm was completely paralyzed, and she or he turned depending on others to stay her life. Although she didn’t have to make use of the iron lung once more for a number of a long time, she wanted different therapies, and went to the identical Heat Springs, Ga. facility as President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Then within the 80s, respiration turned troublesome once more and Randolph needed to begin utilizing the iron lung at evening. She’s been utilizing it ever since — for 36 years.

She now goes into the 6-foot-long system six nights per week. It takes an hour to get Randolph into the iron lung — which she calls her “yellow submarine” — with the assistance of her husband Mark and a buddy or an aide.

The machine doesn’t cowl her head — as an alternative, Randolph’s physique goes into the iron lung, which makes use of unfavourable strain to broaden and contract her chest and lungs to assist her breathe.

She makes use of a extra trendy system through the day — a CPAP machine — however Randolph says she isn’t a fan. The machine uncomfortably forces air into the lungs by a respiration tube in her mouth, and her three CPAP machines at all times appear to be damaged.

Randolph mentioned that the iron lung, compared, is a “aid.”

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