Stretching feels nice and will increase flexibility when executed the fitting means. However not getting ready correctly or doing the stretch incorrectly can result in accidents and inflexibility—the precise reverse of the outcomes you need. Keep away from these widespread errors for a protected, pain-free, and efficient stretching routine.

1. You bounce
Bouncing on the finish of your stretch (when executed vigorously sufficient) could cause the muscle and tendon to tear, says Luga Podesta, MD, sports activities medication doctor and rehabilitation specialist at Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic in Los Angeles. This “ballistic” stretching triggers a response inside the muscle that forestalls it from enjoyable and finally ends up defeating the aim of the motion. As an alternative, Dr. Podesta recommends steadily elongating and holding the stretch for 10 to 15 seconds, then launch and repeat a number of instances.

2. You’re within the improper place
If you happen to don’t really feel the stretch the place you’re anticipating to really feel it, chances are you’ll be doing it improper, says Phil Oliveri, a bodily therapist with Rockford Backbone Heart in Rockford, Illinois. “Poor physique positioning could cause you to overlook the muscle you’re aiming to stretch. Use a free hand to really feel the muscle you’re stretching. It ought to really feel tight after which loosen after the stretch.”

three. You stretch an injured muscle
Stretching an injured muscle could make the injury even worse by worsening a tear, says Dr. Podesta. As a common rule, if muscle ache doesn’t go away inside a number of days, it’s a good suggestion to get it checked by a doctor. As soon as it’s healed, steadily introduce low-intensity stretching in accordance with your physician’s recommendation.

four. You stretch with out warming up
That is most likely the most typical stretching mistake: Stretching a chilly muscle could cause a tear or rip, says Dr. Podesta. “You want an excellent warm-up earlier than you stretch, one the place you break a sweat.” That’s most likely 10 minutes or so, however may be longer for some folks. A sizzling bathe or heating pad can substitute in a pinch however these don’t work as properly, says Dr. Podesta. That’s since you’re not shifting and dealing the muscle like in a conventional warm-up.

5. You strive too laborious
Like bouncing, pushing the stretch past your potential could cause the muscle to tear. “The muscle tendon advanced to the bone may be broken by contracting the muscle after which pushing,” Dr. Podesta says. You need to really feel somewhat bit uncomfortable throughout a stretch however it ought to by no means be painful. If you happen to nonetheless really feel tight, repeat the stretch a number of instances whereas staying inside your vary of movement.


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