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Again in August, the variety of pictures tagged #breakfast on Instagram sat at a powerful 46.6 million. As of December, it’s jumped to to virtually 52, proving that breakfast isn’t simply crucial meal of the day, it’s additionally probably the most lovely. We explored this idea in depth over right here, however the TL;DR is that there’s nobody cause we like to share our breakfasts, it’s magical throughout the board.

Wholesome, colourful, twee, indulgent, sharing breakfast creates a neighborhood that nobody can resist. When on the lookout for probably the most Instagrammed pictures of 2016, it was arduous to get various weeks again earlier than having sufficient meals to final a lifetime. Like a real breakfast warrior, I soldiered on, noting the repeat offenders and commonest components artfully organized on plates and filtered by oblivion. Whereas open to interpretation, right here I current my findings. 


Aided by what looks like the sheer abundance of (Inter)Nationwide Doughnut Days, the doughnut is a no-fuss breakfast that’s assured to rack up the likes. Possibly that’s as a result of it’s the one really unhealthy breakfast that doesn’t essentially look it. It may be colourful or easy, and has limitless composition prospects. Additionally, simply, like, they’re DOUGHNUTS.

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