On common, we sit for about 12 hours each day. “Yikes” is true. “Whether or not it’s at a desk or within the automobile, when folks sit for a lot of the day, they might develop tight hip flexors. These muscle tissues connect to the lumbar backbone and will create lower-back ache when they’re shortened,” explains bodily therapist Erica Anne Meloe, proprietor of Velocity Physiotherapy in New York Metropolis and writer of Why Do I Harm?

So what are you able to do to assist these struggling hip muscle tissues? First, be sure you’re getting up and strolling round all through the day—researchers recommend at the very least as soon as each 30 minutes. However to additional assist, do that hip-opening sequence created particularly for Well being readers by Peloton yoga teacher Kristin McGee. “These poses take a 360-degree method, serving to to stretch and strengthen the hips from all angles—entrance, facet, and again,” says McGee.

Run by them three to 4 instances every week, and also you’ll really feel a lot looser.

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Cow Face pose

Get onto all fours. Cross proper leg over left, then sit again down between your heels or on a block, with knees stacked. Prolong left arm towards ceiling, then bend left elbow, bringing palm to the touch the middle of higher again; then bend proper arm behind again, making an attempt to know fingers of left hand. Keep right here for five–eight breaths, respiration evenly; then swap sides and repeat. To make it extra snug, you too can sit on a blanket as an alternative of a block.

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Pigeon pose

From Cow Face pose, slide proper leg ahead onto the ground, inserting proper shin parallel to the entrance of the mat, and slide left knee on flooring behind you. Decrease left thigh to mat with high of left foot going through down. Keep upright, with torso over hips and hips sq. to the entrance of the mat. Stay right here for five–eight full breaths, then deliver left foot towards proper and repeat on reverse facet.

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Certain Angle pose

Sit on mat with soles of ft collectively and knees bent out to sides. Interlace fingers round ft. Inhaling, press knees down towards mat whereas sitting up tall; bow ahead barely to get a deeper stretch. Keep right here for eight–10 breaths.

Ankle to Knee pose

From Certain Angle pose, cross proper knee over left ankle and convey backside leg in so proper ankle is over left knee, with shins stacked. Convey each palms to flooring in entrance of you, leaning ahead barely. Maintain right here for five–eight breaths.

Half Reclining Hero’s pose

Kneel on mat with knees collectively. Sit again on heels, after which lengthen proper leg straight out in entrance of you. Slide left foot barely wider than knee with the highest of left foot on the ground and large toe angled in, permitting butt to relaxation on flooring. Then place fingers on flooring behind you and lean again, bringing elbows and forearms to flooring behind you. From right here, proceed to decrease all the way in which to the ground or so far as you’ll be able to go with out ache or discomfort; cross elbows overhead. Keep right here for five–eight breaths.

Lizard pose

Start in Downward Canine with fingers on flooring in entrance of shoulders, legs prolonged, and hips lifted in an inverted V. Step proper foot to the skin of proper hand, then decrease each elbows to mat, holding proper knee subsequent to proper facet. Maintain left leg lively, urgent again with left heel, and hips stage, with out permitting them to sag. Keep right here for eight–10 breaths, then step proper foot again. Elevate hips to ceiling as a break, and repeat on left facet.

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